'Kong: Skull Island' Director Shares Concept Art for Unused LSD Dream Sequence - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Kong: Skull Island’ Director Shares Concept Art for Unused LSD Dream Sequence



Kong: Skull Island was almost even crazier.

In my review of Kong: Skull Island here on BD, I gave the film 5 out of 5 skulls because I felt it was everything anyone could have possibly wanted it to be. Doing away with the traditional King Kong movie, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts set his reboot during the Vietnam War, unleashing full-on monster mayhem across a stunning landscape.

I saw the film twice in theaters. And had such a blast both times.

In any event, I bring up Kong: Skull Island (now available on DVD & Blu-ray) today because Vogt-Roberts just shared something pretty cool over on Twitter. As it turns out, he initially planned on featuring a trippy LSD dream sequence in the film… which would’ve included Kong himself!

Since it was ‘Nam and the 70’s I really wanted to do an LSD dream sequence,” he tweeted. “Things were going to get trippy. Never was able to shoot it tho.”

Check out the unused concept art below and imagine what might’ve been!