Mow Down Waves of Alien Hordes in 'Let Them Come' - Bloody Disgusting
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Mow Down Waves of Alien Hordes in ‘Let Them Come’



One of the coolest parts of Aliens was the point at which Ripley and the marines are stuck in a “stand your ground” situation, with the hordes of Xenomorphs knocking at their door, and the remote guns had failed. If that sounds cool, then indie devs Versus Evil have a treat for you.

Available now on Steam and XBox One (with a PlayStation 4 release later this year), Let Them Come is a side-scrolling survival shooter that “honors retro 16-bit pixel art and gives a nod to key action movie themes from the late 80s”. You’re Rock Gunar, a mercenary employed by Infini Corp to destroy the alien hordes that threaten to wipe out human existence. This involves hunkering down with your cache of ammo and weapons, and mowing down wave after wave of aliens in over-the-top gory fashion.

The game also features integration, where viewer participation allows the audience to choose which alien creatures to spawn, name them and get rewards if their alien is the one that takes the streamer down.

As mentioned, the game is available on Steam right now for $4.99, and on XBox One for $7.99. Head over to the Steam page, and get some.


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