'Elvira's 10 Nights of Halloween' and 'William Shatner's Fright Nights' Coming to Amazon! - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Elvira’s 10 Nights of Halloween’ and ‘William Shatner’s Fright Nights’ Coming to Amazon!



Amazon has likely already won over your heart by acquiring the exclusive streaming rights to FOX’s “The Exorcist,” and they’ve also got original horror series “Lore” headed your way later this month. Oh and let’s no forget “Unsolved Mysteries,” which found a home on the site’s streaming service this year.

We love Amazon. And we love them even more today.

Via Coming Soon, we’ve just learned that “Elvira’s 10 Nights of Halloween” and “William Shatner’s Halloween Fright Nights” are both coming to Full Moon’s Amazon streaming channel in time for the big day!

Via the site, “Some years back, Full Moon produced two series starring both of these pop culture icons and now, as they begin their Halloween season roll-out, Full Moon’s international Amazon channels (US, UK and Germany) are releasing these shows every week all month.”

Elvira hosts films such as The Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong during her “10 Nights of Halloween,” while Shatner hosts Castle Freak, Hideous and more.

Both shows begin hitting the streaming channel this week.


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