Angus Scrimm's Final Film 'Dances with Werewolves' Gets Halloween Date - Bloody Disgusting
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Angus Scrimm’s Final Film ‘Dances with Werewolves’ Gets Halloween Date



Best known for playing the Tall Man in the Phantasm franchise, Angus Scrimm passed away at the age of 89 back in 2016, but he leaves behind one more movie.

Much like last year’s Phantasm: Ravager, the upcoming Dances with Werewolves is unfortunately being released posthumously, and it’s home to Scrimm’s final performance. Via the website Phantasm Archives this week, the film will be available October 31 on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu VOD.

Angus appears in a supporting role as Neumann, a vagrant character,” the site notes.

In Dances with Werewolves, directed by Donald F. Glut and Dan Golden…

“Cassie flees an abusive relationship and falls victim to a moon-worshiping 600 year old Romanian Countess; a troubled paranormal investigator of Native American heritage finds himself in a deadly love triangle with a battered-woman werewolf.”

The cast also includes Aqueela Zoll, Tatiana DeKhytar, Omar Paz Trujillo, Lauren Parkinson, Jim Tavare, and Jane Park Smith.