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This Stunning New ‘Gremlins’ Poster is LOADED With Horror Easter Eggs

Taking a quick look at Kevin M. Wilson’s new Gremlins poster, titled “The Old Curiosity Shop,” you’ll immediately be struck by its beauty. In fact, it’s one of the most stunning posters we’ve seen in quite some time, outfitted with all the colors of the rainbow.

But upon closer inspection, the true genius of the poster is revealed.

Wilson loaded up the titular “Curiosity Shop” with TONS of Easter egg references to other hit movies from the time period and beyond, many of which happen to be horror movies. We don’t want to spoil all the fun for you, but everything from Freddy’s glove to a familiar looking Good Guys doll is found inside the shop.

And they’re just the tip of this epic iceberg.

The 36″ x 24″ prints are limited to 400 and can be purchased through Hero Complex Gallery.

Click the image below to super-size it and see how many Easter eggs you can spot!



  • The chicken man

    So many references! My braaaaain!

  • Joni McLaughlin

    Absolutely brilliant so many bits to find

  • dukeblues

    cobra cai

  • Silhouetters

    So….. any point to this poster? A 4K re-release of Gremlins or something like that?


    You obviously mean the mogwai hiding in the cage. Nailed it!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Impressive. Tempted to pick this up and add it to my wall. $60……. hmmm………

  • zombie84_41

    I believe this is

  • Alexei

    Then let’s start: Vigo poster from Ghostbusters, Freddy’s glove, wall pattern from The Shining, on the shelf Jason hockey mask, anonymous mask from Vandetta, Wilson from Cast Away, Necronomicon from Evil Dead, Chucky, Camp Crystal Lake sign, Blair Witch symbol, Ghostbusters trap and so much more! Help me out!

    • Jason Eugene Silvey

      Bubo the owl from Clash of the Titans, Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, Tik Tok from Return to Oz, chilled monkey brains from Temple of Doom, an Alien facehugger in a jar, the Maltese Falcon, John Hammond’s cane from Jurassic Park, Marvin Acme’s disappearing/reappearing ink from Roger Rabbit, a thermal detonator from Return of the Jedi, a Fix-It from Batteries Not Included (!!!), He-Man’s power sword, a poster for a Rocky Balboa fight, the name plate of Quint’s ship the Orca from Jaws, the Rocketeer’s jetpack, a Guardian from Big Trouble in Little China…Whew! I’m tapping out!

      • Alexei

        Also Captain America shield.

        • BCM

          Next to Dad´s right hand is the alien facehugger in a jar, the mechanical owl from Clash of Titans beside Freddy´s
          glove, in the barrel the walking stick of the old man in Jurassic Park,nex to V from Vendetta´s mask is the Joker´s goon mask from The Dark Knight, The mask´s mask.

      • JackSkellington

        Mary Poppins’ umbrella, Kai robe from Karate Kid, Norris spider-head from The Thing in a jar

  • Jair H Castillo

    sword of omen, the mask from the mask

  • Amazing!!!

  • Monkeymanbob

    Aside from those mentioned I’ve got the glaive from Krull, fortune telling machine from Big, Lion-o’s sword, Idigo Montoya’s sword from The Princess Bride, origami unicorn a-la Bladerunner, next to the thermal detonator is a pin that looks like possibly it’s from Game of Thrones – looks very familiar, ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, The Holy Hand grenade of Antioch, spiny thing from Inception, book from Never Ending Story (I think) – the statue with the locket (Titanic?) looks familiar too (movie wise).

  • kahn23

    I’m only trying to say the ones people didn’t or that I’m not sure I agree with completely. So here goes…On the left side, above and right of sword of Omens from Thundercats, hanging from the ceiling, Freddy Krueger’s glove (can’t believe no one mentioned that), below the Ghostbusters trap is Orion’s collar from Men In Black, directly above Gizmo is Leonardo Dicaprio’s totem from Inception, to the right Mikey’s mom’s statue from Goonies, hanging from it is the Heart of the Ocean necklace from Titanic, directly above the totem from inception in the back of the room is the Zoltar machine from Big, on the shelf to the left of that is th box from Hellraiser and right next to it looks like the Cup of Christ from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, shelf above that is the Necronomicon from Evil Dead, the TGRI Ooze container from TMNT, The Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Beetlejuice, I’m not sure about this one, but it looks like David’s bottle of wine/blood from the Lost Boys, and that book above it and to the left is The Neverending Story and the light in the back of the room to the left is the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Damn! Phew!

  • Chris Stewart

    In the doorway is the arcade cabinet for The Last Starfighter game, above the Glave is the doorknocker from Labyrinth, on the shelf the Hellraiser puzzlebox, facehugger in a jar , the rug
    from The Shinning and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story on the old man’s desk.

  • Chris Stewart

    Abnormal brain from Young Frankenstien, the demogorgon figure from Stranger Things and what could possibly be The Maltese Falcon.

  • Johnny Five

    A few I haven’t seen mentioned yet…(Unless I missed it)

    A Wonka Golden Ticket.
    Cinderella’s glass slipper.
    Plutonium case from Back to the Future.
    Elliott’s Star Wars toys from E.T.
    The Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter.
    Is that a Gonk droid that the Ghostbusters trap is sitting on?

    • Edgar Pinecone

      And a few more…

      A lightsaber hilt.
      A Trek (TOS) communicator.
      The Jumanji box.

      Sauron’s hand with one ring still on finger.
      Golden Idol from Raiders.
      A hook…but I can’t tell if it’s from Hook or Candyman.
      Cyclops’ visor.

  • Mike tantatelli

    That is bad ass!!! I like the “ninja star” knife thing from Krull and the floating eyeball head guy from Big Trouble In Little China. Cool ass poster.

  • Mike tantatelli

    On the podium to the left of the dad I’m guessing thats monkey head from Temple Of Doom……”and for dessert, chilled monkey brains.”

  • Clyde Gentry III

    This is just incredible. Can someone tell me who is behind Dr. Zaius? I know this is a long shot, but it looks like Richard Moll from a painting/picture used in 1981’s Evilspeak. OR it could be from The Dungeonmaster. Some much cool stuff here. I just spotted the mosquitio fossil from Jurassic Park (in the barrel with swords). I bought 2 copies of this print earlier today and can’t wait to frame one of them.

    • Edgar Pinecone

      It’s Vigo from Ghostbusters 2.

  • Крум Крумов

    The Carpet from The Shining

  • moscardonio dela m

    Someone else have alredy mention the holy handgranade? The unicorn from blade runner and the highlander sword?

    • Lloyd Calvin

      Thats Conans sword.

      • moscardonio dela m

        no it is not i mean the one down the mask from the mask the rapier not the one on the barrel

        • Lloyd Calvin

          Ah. Then yes, that’s it.

  • ReaperMike83

    Chucky (Good Guy Doll) sitting on the shelf, bottom left.

  • Nicole Lendman

    the title of this is kind of incorrect. I highly doubt He-man and thundercats swords are “Horror”. Nor is the wizard of Oz and Labyrinth. Nor the Heart diamond from Titanic. Or the Jet pack from Rocket man.

    • Bentia

      I agree, it’s more a horror/fantasy/scifi pile up! It’s still pretty cool.

  • Michael

    Acme disappearing / reappearing ink (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
    Wilson / V / Inigo Montoya’s sword (is it?)
    Necronomicon Ex Mortis.

    And so, so so many more. I really want to buy this.

  • Johnny

    no Critters?

  • A.L.

    The link to buy the poster does not work.

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