Capcom packs Retro Minigames for 'RE: Revelations' Ports for the Switch! - Bloody Disgusting
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Capcom packs Retro Minigames for ‘RE: Revelations’ Ports for the Switch!



With Capcom bringing Resident Evil: Revelations and its sequel to the Nintendo Switch next month (November 28th, to be exact), Capcom is having a little fun with the port. In addition to all of the DLC that was released for the games, Capcom has decided to pull a Namco and include minigames for both titles, a feature exclusive to the Switch!

With RE: Revelations, there’s a top-down vertical shooter called “Ghost Ship Panic”. In loading screens, players will take down different varieties of Ooze, Rachel Ooze, and Scagdead with a cursor. Kills and combos will earn BP for use in the game’s Raid mode. For Revelations 2, Capcom digs into their back catalogue with “Ghouls ‘n Homunculi”, an obvious homage to their classic, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. Instead of trumping around in armour as Arthur, players will have Barry Burton as he explores an island filled with monsters. Similar to “Ghost Ship Panic”, players will earn rewards to be used in Raid mode.

Seriously, it’s about time that someone started doing this after Namco’s patent on having minigames during loading screens (seriously) expired two years ago. And what an awesome way to handle it? Let’s hope that the games are up to snuff on the Switch hardware.

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