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Abertoir Film Festival Has Full-blown Giallo Fever!



Taking place from now until Sunday is Aberystwyth’s genre film festival.  With an overarching theme of Giallo, infusing guests, films in selection and events, the venue has also succumbed.  Take a look below at the site’s black gloved timeline from Argento to Astron-6.

Highlights from the remaining schedule include the following psychological delights.

Ceredigion Museum Double-Bill

Friday, 17th November 8:30PM


Join us as we brave the elements for an off-site screening…safely within the sturdy walls of Aberystwyth’s incredible Ceredigion Museum!

Kicking things off at the museum will be Dario Argento’s 1987 classic Terror at the Opera, making the most of the museum’s original auditorium. Following Terror at the Opera, we showcase one of the best Italian horror films, the wonderful Demons, directed by our guest of honour Lamberto Bava.

Lamberto Bava in conversation

with Stephen Thrower

Saturday, 18th November – 8:45PM

Central to the formation and continuation of the cinematic giallo, Mario Bava is one of Italian cinema’s true greats. Lamberto Bava, his son and filmmaker in his own right joins us to discuss not only his own career but his massive contribution to the giallo, as assistant director and writer, and in particular his work on his father’s films, culminating with the truly striking Shock. Critic and author Stephen Thrower will lead what’s certain to be a riveting and entertaining conversation with a vital horror filmmaker.

The Giallo Lounge


Saturday, 18th November – 11:30PM

Enjoy a chance to relive the garish glories of the giallo and sip on a J&B cocktail or two as we transform the bar into The Giallo Lounge. A rare chance to relax and chat, The Giallo Lounge is the perfect opportunity to unwind and chat all things horror. Recline on some disgusting animal-print throws, be hypnotised by lava lamps and enjoy the sounds of the giallo and beyond, as DJ Dellamorte spins tunes from Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Piero Umiliani, Nora Orlandi, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi and more!

A Pandemonium of Poe


Sunday, 19th November – 7:15PM

Be chilled by an evening’s eerie entertainment, with this original theatrical anthology of a selection of Poe’s finest feats of fear-filled fiction! Be guided by the sinister Dr Trevellyan as he leads you into the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Along the way you will encounter such stark terror as may shatter the senses! But will you emerge from the shadows alive…?

Classic tales from Gothic horror’s most famous author. Presented as a two-man show, the audience is invited to a symposium on obsession. A claustrophobic atmosphere prevails in a  production which features a delightful ‘twist in the tale’!


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