'Fortnite' Battle Royale Mode Receives new Update, Tweaks - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Fortnite’ Battle Royale Mode Receives new Update, Tweaks



Fortnite players will be getting a shiny new update this week, including a new weapon.

In a new Dev Update video, it’s been announced that Fortnite players will be able to add a silenced SMG to their arsenal in Battle Royale mode, along with tweaks to weapon balancing and item drop rates. Those players who have been using the rocket and grenade riding tactics will be pleased to know that Epic will continue to support the newly-discovered transportation method, provided that it doesn’t break the game.

In addition, those who have become frustrated with team killers will be pleased that Epic is working on a solution to remove the players from your matches. Just keep on with reporting. Lastly, Epic will be creating a Battle Royale public test server in the future to try out changes to the core gameplay. Given that the Battle Royale mode has attracted over 20 million unique players since its launch in October, this is probably a good idea.