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Experience the Joy of Loot Crates with this ‘Doom’ Mod



Loot boxes. The topic has reached a fever pitch over the past couple of weeks with news about EA’s shady tactics in Star Wars Battlefront 2, which has understandably angered many fans. Is it gambling? Is it a “pay to play” scheme that punishes players who don’t buy them? Whatever the case, a Doom modder has come up with a little something that brings modern gaming to the 25-year-old classic.

Created by ZDoom user Rip and Tear, Doom Loot Box Mod removes the weapons and powerups from the game, and replaces some of them with UAC crates. As you’d expect, these crates are locked. To open these crates, you need keys. How do you get them? The enemies that you kill have a small chance of dropping a key, which you can collect and use on these crates. And, since there’s no way to know what’s inside these crates, you’ll just have to take a gamble and open them.

Frustrating? You bet. Fun? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Odds are you probably won’t be getting a BFG-9000 right off the bat. Still, this can be one of those mods for late-night streamers who want a little “fun” in their gameplay.


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