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Feel and Hear the Horror in ‘The Inpatient’ Behind-the-Scenes Video



So, we know that Supermassive Games’ The Inpatient is being delayed until January, but that hasn’t stopped them from keeping fans interested. On Sony’s PlayStation Blog, a new behind-the-scenes video has been posted showcasing the lengths Supermassive is going to immerse the player in the VR world.

Regarding tactile feedback, according to game director Nik Bowen, the game “[uses] the velocity of the objects involved to tailor the vibration to your expectation. This is why running your hand against a wall feels drastically different to punching it – it’s amazingly realistic.” It’s not just walls, however. There are plenty of objects that can be interacted with that produce that “grounded” feeling that VR games attempt to achieve.

It’s not just touch, either. A big part of The Inpatient is its audio. Specifically, binaural audio, which gives players a sense of where sounds originate from in a 3D space. Bowen talks about how the team plans to “inform and unsettle” with the game’s audio, which promises the expected sounds of an environment, and those otherworldly sounds that do exactly what they’re meant to do.

While I’ve never been a fan of VR games, the amount of work that Supermassive is putting into The Inpatient might just win me over.