'Outbreak: The New Nightmare' Leaves Steam Early Access January 5 - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Outbreak: The New Nightmare’ Leaves Steam Early Access January 5



It’s been a long while since we last heard news about Dead Drop Studios’ Outbreak: The New Nightmare. Well, after six months in Early Access, according to the latest update on the game’s Steam Page, the game transitioning out of Early Access “on or around Jan. 5th”. The game will also launch on XBox One on Jan 3rd, albeit that version is single-player only, runs at a lower quality level, with no offline bots.

Personally, given the fact that Outbreak: The New Nightmare is a one-man operation, and the fact that the game still looks rough (not to mention those issues for the XBox release), I’m not sure if coming out of Early Access so quickly was such a great idea. Even DayZ is still in Early Access (although that will change soon). But hey, that’s just my useless opinion.

A love letter to survival horror games from the 90s and early 2000s, Outbreak: The New Nightmare has you trapped in Arzt Memorial Hospital after a viral outbreak swept through a town in the central United States. Zombies and other creatures roam the halls of the hospital as you scramble to survive and uncover the source of the outbreak. With four different characters to play as (each with varying abilities), and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal (but limited inventory), you’ll have to think smart in order to survive.