Battle Saint Nick in the Demo for 'The Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santa' - Bloody Disgusting
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Battle Saint Nick in the Demo for ‘The Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santa’



Just when you thought you were safe from the holidays, along comes Puppet Combo and their demo for their PlayStation era-inspired survival horror holiday-themed game, The Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santa. Backing up for a moment, Puppet Combo is the one-man developer behind the games Power Drill Massacre and Babysitter Bloodbath, two survival horror games that are intended throwbacks to 80s slashers. Hence, the cheesy title for their latest game.

The story for The Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santa goes like this: You are part of a scavenger crew that have landed on a seemingly deserted planet. As expected, the planet is in fact very much inhabited, and now you’ve got to get off the planet alive. If you’ve played any of Puppet Combo’s previous games, you know what to expect.

Visiting the game’s page allows you to not only check out the charming 80s-inspired feel of the game and download the demo, but you can also visit Puppet Combo’s Patreon page if you’d like to throw the dev a couple of bucks (and gain access to the full game once it’s finished). It’s not the most polished game at the moment, but there’s definitely a charm about it (think games like Outbreak: The New Nightmare or DUSK).


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