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‘Diablo III’s “Darkening Of Tristram” Event Returns!



Those who enjoyed Diablo III‘s Darkening of Tristram event last year will be pleased to know that Blizzard has launched it again. The original event, which marked the 20th Anniversary of the original Diablo, began again last night, and will be up until January 30th.

In case you don’t know, during the event, Diablo III gets a retro makeover in terms of the UI, graphics, sound effects, and even your movement! That’s right, you’re stuck moving in eight directions à la 1996. To trigger the event, you’ll find special cultists in the game. Killing them will spawn a portal that takes you to a 16-level dungeon where you’ll encounter bosses and elements from the first game.

You can play this event with either a new or existing character, although doing the former is the intended way to experience it. If you manage to clear the dungeon, you have the opportunity to earn unique portraits, pets, transmogrification designs, and more. There are also Achievements in this mode (in case you’re one of those types). This event is available for all platforms, so PC gamers don’t have the opportunity to be cocky this time.


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