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Stay in the Light with ‘Those Who Remain’



Those of you who enjoyed Camel 101’s deep-space VR horror game Syndrome will be pleased to hear that the developer is back at it with Those Who Remain. Set for release later this year on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One, the game puts you in the shoes of one Edward Turner. Turner is a troubled man, but is in more trouble now after arriving in the small US town of Dormont. It seems the town has been cursed and is shrouded in darkness. Upping the ante are the creatures that roam in the darkness, killing anyone who happens to stray from the areas that have light.

Pegging itself as a psychological thriller, Those Who Remain also has a puzzle component to it. There are also portals that appear throughout the town, allowing Turner to be transported to another place, “similar yet different, apparently unreal but very real”. And to make things interesting, and actions taken in one place have an effect in the other.

No word yet on if this will have a VR option, but for those who enjoyed last year’s Outlast 2, this should definitely interest you.