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‘Vampyr’ Takes Characters to New Level in Latest Dev Diary



Dontnod continue their series of developer diaries for Vampyr with their third entry, this one focusing on the character development and story. If you’re a sucker for devs that take the time to fully flesh out each character, this one’s for you. Unlike other RPGs, according to the game’s director, Philippe Moreau, the team focused on giving each citizen in the game “an identity”, which when it comes time to sacrifice them, it has impact and meaning. Plus, you’ll end up hearing your victim’s last thoughts as they die at your hand. If that’s not creepy…

Depending on who you choose to kill, according to narrative designer Stephane Beauverger, it will have an impact not only on the other citizens who were around that now-deceased person, but also the story. What that entails has yet to be revealed. I do hope that the hype doesn’t take over, but man, how cool would it be to have an engrossing story with game mechanics that take it a step beyond what we’ve become accustomed to in RPGs?


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