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Stealth is Key in New Gameplay Trailer for ‘The Persistence’



Space is admittedly a cliché setting for a horror game, but come on, we’d still play it if it did the job of offering quality gameplay and took advantage of the established atmosphere. Plus, it’d be even scarier if it was in VR, right? And while Sega never did quite get Alien: Isolation in VR (until a fan decided to do it), it seems like we’re getting the next best thing with Firesprite’s The Persistence, which just released a new gameplay trailer.

Set for release July 24th exclusively on PlayStation VR, the game plays with the idea of dying and tweaks it to make the game unique. You see, the story for the game has you taking the role of Security Officer Zimri Eder, who like the rest of the ship’s crew, is a clone. Every time Eder dies at the hands of the zombies lurking the ship, the player has a chance to resequence Eder’s DNA in order to make her more powerful with every new clone the ship churns out.

Furthermore, The Persistence also includes a feature that allows friends to drop in via smartphone or tablet, who can then help by hacking into the ship’s engineering system and controlling functions such as unlocking doors, disabling traps, or lure enemies away from Eder. And, over the course of the game, they will level up and gain new skills. However, players can also choose to kill Eder, and by doing so gain new powers for themselves.

Just what you want from your friends, right?