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Bandai Namco Reveal Multiplayer Functionality in ‘Code Vein’



Those wondering if Bandai Namco will have online multiplayer in their upcoming Dark Souls-inspired vampire action RPG Code Vein will be pleased to know that the game will allow friends to drop in and join in the fight.

The company announced the feature via Twitter, which seems to imply the game will have a co-op feature similar to Dark Souls. In the case of Code Vein, as you explore and attempt to complete dungeons alongside an NPC companion, you can send out a distress signal to summon another player.

According to an article by Gematsu (which translated an article in the Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu), players will be able to join your game after meeting “certain conditions”. The summoned player appears alone, but can travel with you as a party character alongside your NPC partner. Your NPC partner’s Gifts will also have an affect on the rescue player.

Code Vein is due out for PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC worldwide later this year.


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