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Explore Nightmarish Dreamscapes in Gameplay Trailer for ‘Project Nightmares’



Two-man Argentinian developers NC have a new survivor horror game headed to Steam Early Access in the form of Project Nightmares, which also has a gameplay trailer for you to oogle.

Originally announced on Steam Greenlight last year (which is now being retired), the Unity-powered game takes a few cues from Tarsem Singh’s The Cell, and centres on a group of scientists that deal with the paranormal, and are known as Project Nightmares. The group have developed a machine that allows them to induce sleep in a patient with psychic abilities in order to connect the human mind with supernatural objects in order to discover, investigate and ultimately defeat the evil within. In this instance, the group is investigating a patient named Henrietta Kedward, and a toy with a sinister history attached to it. Unlike the fantastical visions in The Cell, the dream worlds of Ms. Kedward are claustrophic corridors reminiscent of Silent Hill.

The game is designed to have different playthroughs each time you play, and will come equipped with VR support. To find out more, you can check out its Facebook page, or on Patreon.


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