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David Lynch-inspired game ‘Paratopic’ Messes with your Head



Fancy another gritty retro-inspired horror game? Paratopic, designed by indie developers Jess Harvey and Doc Burford, aka ParatopicTeam, is now available on itch.io in early form. Seemingly drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks, the game’s aesthetic has it feeling like a cross between a PlayStation first-person game, and the classic Alone In The Dark series. Coupled with a surrealist score by composer Chris Brown, this looks to scratch that retro itch for those David Lynch fans looking for a horror game to call their own.

While there’s not much to go on in terms of the game’s synopsis, here’s what the website has to say:

“A surreal, grainy fever dream into the evening. An assassin prepares for her kill, a man is strong armed into smuggling contraband VHS tapes over the border and young girl finds the rusted remnants of illicit industry deep in the forest…”

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