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‘Phantom Halls’ Set for Halloween 2018 Release, Final Push Kickstarter Launched



Good news for fans of Incendium Games’ Phantom Halls, as it’s been announced that the game will be headed for a 1.0 launch this Halloween “come hell or high water”. However, the team needs a little time in order to polish the game. In anticipation, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to continue to make that final push. The Kickstarter launched last week, and is scheduled to run until April 13th. It’s only £30,000, so it’s not an exorbitant amount.

“There’s really only so much that we can do with a small indie team working remotely and mostly part-time without dedicated funding,” explains Incendium Games’ creative director, Llexi Leon. “There’s so much we’d like to see in Phantom Halls and we’re doing our best to deliver the ultimate version of the game for players everywhere, ideally on every platform. Plus, having input from the community has made for a smoother and deeper gaming experience that we’re continually refining. We’d love to see a new group of players contribute to the community, providing a fresh set of eyes on the game’s campaign and another wave of player feedback in the run up to retail release.”

If you haven’t already given the game a look, what’s stopping you when you have Ashley J. Williams as a playable character? Head over to the Steam page and get busting.


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