[PAX East 2018] Explore Psychological Horror with 'The InnerFriend' This September - Bloody Disgusting
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[PAX East 2018] Explore Psychological Horror with ‘The InnerFriend’ This September



Taking influence from 80s horror and the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Montreal-based studio Playmind recently unveilled their PAX East trailer for their upcoming psychological horror game, The InnerFriend. Described as a surrealist representation of memories and fears within a rich visual environment, players must navigate their surroundings in this narrative-driven game as it attempts to tackle the concept of coping mechanisms and child psychology.

The story for the game has the player being led by a mysterious Shadow as they face fears and nightmares inhabiting the Shadow’s materialized subconscious universe. The player must relive the Shadow’s childhood memories, collect them, and restore what was once its safe haven. If this doesn’t veer into the realm of Jacob’s Ladder (which, come on, isn’t it one of your favourites, too?), I don’t know what does.

The InnerFriend will be available for PS4, Xbox One & PC this September.


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