[PAX East 2018] Asymmetric Multiplayer Game 'Last Year' Resurfaces - Bloody Disgusting
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[PAX East 2018] Asymmetric Multiplayer Game ‘Last Year’ Resurfaces



Remember that Friday The 13th: The Game lookalike called Last Year that was a few years back? Well, after some period of quiet, Elastic Games’ debuted the “reboot” of the original project at PAX East with Last Year: The Nightmare.

For those that need a refresher, like Friday The 13th, Last Year is an asymmetric multiplayer game (this time set in 1996) where players take control of one of five high schoolers or a deadly supernatural killer. However, in Last Year, there is more of a focus on a class-based system when it comes to selecting a high school character. Each character will have a certain role in the “team”, leaving the player who gets selected as the killer to come up with a proper strategy to eliminate the more useful members of the team first.

Likewise, the player selected as the killer can also choose from a selection of potential killers to massacre the teens. In addition, unlike F13, you will be able to kill the killer, but the killer in turn can respawn in any location that isn’t in the direct line of sight for one of the survivors, potentially providing for some sweet scares.

Right now, other than the official site and Elastic Games’ Twitter page, there’s not much new footage or screenshots of the game in action, which is kind of disconcerting, given the game is scheduled to be released this summer on Steam. Hopefully after PAX East wraps up, we get some official goodies to sink our teeth into.


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