Endnight Announces 'The Forest' to Release April 30th - Bloody Disgusting
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Endnight Announces ‘The Forest’ to Release April 30th



Yes Virginia, it’s been a long wait for Endnight Games to finally get The Forest out of Early Access. And true to their word, the team have announced that the full 1.0 game will released April 30. As a result, the release will also be accompanied by a price increase (from $14.99 to $19.99 USD).

For those that need a refresher (because hey, the game’s been in development for quite a long while), The Forest casts you as the lone survivor of a plane crash, trapped on an island full of mutant cannibals. In order to survive, you’ll need to chop down trees for firewood, catch food, build shelters and traps, fight the cold, and explore a network of underground caves and lakes. The cannibals are a ferocious bunch, and taking on multiple mutants at the same time is suicide, so think smart. And for those players who just want to drink in the scenery (admittedly, I do that from time to time), there’s also a peaceful mode for those wanting a less horrifying experience.


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