'Darksiders', 'Breakdown' Arrive for Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Darksiders’, ‘Breakdown’ Arrive for Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility



Xbox One owners (Xboners?) have a new crop of backwards-compatible games arriving for the surface this month. Right now, genre fans will be able to enjoy Darksiders and Gears of War 2 with Xbox One X Enhanced updates. Don’t worry, for those who don’t have a One X, there’s more coming later this month.

On April 17, owners of Namco’s 2004 FPS Breakdown and Interplay’s 2002 hack and slasher Hunter: The Reckoning will be able to play the games on their Xbox One. Later in the month, on April 26, aside from a crop of Star Wars games, those Xbox 360 owners who enjoyed the cheesy fun of Pandemic Studios’ 2005 game Destroy All Humans! will have it once again on the Xbox One. If you don’t own the original discs for these titles, you can purchase them digitally through the Microsoft Store.


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