No 'Darksiders 3' for E3 This Year - Bloody Disgusting
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No ‘Darksiders 3’ for E3 This Year



Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Darksiders 3 this year at E3 will unfortunately be out of luck. In a post on their website, THQ Nordic have stated that they won’t be attending the annual June event in LA, and instead will be “forced to stay in our lovely Viennese beer gardens, blowing the froth off a couple, watching football and one or two cool press conferences on Twitch”.

All joking aside, the probable reasoning behind THQ Nordic staying home is most likely due to the fact that it’s a long friggin’ way from Austria to California, and the cost for a small studio like THQ Nordic to attend and present isn’t worth it.

It’s not all doom and gloom, as the post does mention that the company will be at Gamescom this August in Cologne, Germany. “We are looking forward to presenting all our great upcoming games like Darksiders 3, Biomutant, Fade to Silence or Wreckfest and even some unannounced titles for the first time” at the event. Darksiders 3 is due out later this year, while the survival game Fade to Silence is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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