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‘Night Trap’ Headed to the Switch This Summer! Seriously.



Oh what a difference 26 years makes. Upon its release, Night Trap was the subject of much controversy. As most older gamers know, Night Trap caught the ire of the United States Senate when the game hit store shelve in 1992, and the Senate summoned both Nintendo and Sega of America reps to a committee hearing to discuss violence in videogames. At the hearing, executive vice president of Nintendo of America Howard Lincoln quipped that the game would never appear on a Nintendo console.

Well this summer, Night Trap in indeed heading to a Nintendo console (the Nintendo Switch, to be exact), courtesy of the folks at Limited Run Games, who had put out a limited quantity of the game for the PlayStation 4 and XBox One last year. Night Trap will be available both in physical and digital form, with the former being given a similar run as the earlier consoles. No word yet on just how many physical copies will be available.

“Never say never”, indeed.


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