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Traverse the Swiss Alps in Upcoming Horror Adventure ‘Mundaun’



Fresh from this year’s GDC is Hidden Fields’ uniquely-styled horror adventure game, Mundaun. The game takes inspiration from Swiss mythical folklore, but its presentation is probably the one that jumps out the most. As all of the textures within the game are hand drawn, and when coupled with the shaders used within the game, creates an almost sepia-like quality to the visuals.

Initially created as a passion project for Hidden Fields’ founder Michel Ziegler, the game takes place in the secluded Swiss alps, where after learning of your grandfather’s mysterious death, you return to the tiny town of Mundaun for the first time since your youth to investigate. Taking cues from horror adventure games like Amnesia, you’ll traverse through a variety of environments, as well as interact with the odd inhabitants of Mundaun, and solve puzzles in order to progress.

Apart from the trailer, you can check out the team’s progress on the game’s official site, which includes a development blog showing the process of how the team came up with the style, and how they go about creating the textures. Mundaun is aiming for a Winter 2018 release on Xbox One and PC.

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