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Alpha Version of ‘Brutal Duke Nukem 3D’ Now Available



Those who have played Brutal Doom know how awesome it is. Not just for the added ridiculously over-the-top gore, but for just what the mod’s creator, Sergeant_Mark_IV, was able to crank out (and still crank out) with the source code. As many old school PC gamers know, Doom kicked off the first-person shooter craze of Doom clones that eventually led us to another favourite of mine, Duke Nukem 3D. And just like Doom, Duke 3D is getting the Brutal treatment.

Created by RPD Guy, Brutal Duke Nukem 3D takes the concept of Brutal Doom and brings it to the 1996 classic. Currently in Alpha (and available for download), Brutal Duke 3D not only ups the gore effects with splattering on floors, walls and ceilings, but also includes two new death animations for killing alien troops. Obviously, it’s not up to the level of Brutal Doom just yet (it’s a different game and engine, after all), but it’s a nice start.

You can grab the mod here, and after downloading, unzip the “Brutal Duke” folder and place your “duke3d.grp” file inside. Then run the “eduke32.exe” located within the folder.


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