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Netflix Putting Heavy Emphasis On Sci-Fi and Fantasy Originals



Netflix knows exactly what their subscribers want, which is why they’ll buy a crappy Cloverfield movie if they want to. It’s also the reason why they’ve decided to focus much of their energy on fantasy and sci-fi entertainment.

The Business Insider details the success of the genre on the streaming service, noting that science fiction and fantasy have become the most popular genre of Netflix original show among subscribers in Q1 of 2018, according to data compiled by the analytics firm Ampere Analysis.

They also add that Netflix has been able to “anticipate” an increase in demand for the genre by rapidly expanding its production of original sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies, according to Ampere, while further explaining that more than one quarter (29%) of upcoming Netflix originals are in the sci-fi and fantasy category, higher than any other genre.

This follows the continued success of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things,” which released its second season in October 2017 after debuting in July 2016, explains the site. Netflix has followed “Stranger Things” with sci-fi series like “The OA,” “Altered Carbon,” and a new reboot of the 1960s series “Lost in Space.” On Thursday, Netflix ordered another sci-fi series, “Another Life,” which centers on an alien mission and stars “Battlestar Galactica” actress Katee Sackhoff.

Netflix doesn’t need stats to know that genre films and television shows are tearing it up. All they have to do is look to the box office and to Nielson ratings to see that horror owns right now.



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