New Glorious Gore System Coming to 'Quake Champions' - Bloody Disgusting
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New Glorious Gore System Coming to ‘Quake Champions’



Some shooter fans who have enjoyed the return of the Quake franchise in Quake Champions, but are lamenting the fact that there’s a lack of gibs in the current incarnation, will be pleased to know that id Software have heard your pleas, and have something in store for you.

On the official Quake Champions Twitter, id have unveiled a new video that showcases the updated gore system that will be headed to the game in the near future. As detailed in the video, the new system individually models tiny sections of each champion, which when hit with a rocket, makes for some spectacular gibbing. Fingers, limbs, torsos and heads fly in spectacular and satisfying fashion.

Again, there’s no timeframe for this, or how it will affect the game’s performance, but the splatter… oh, the splatter…


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