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‘They Are Billions’ Adds Expensive New Things for You



We mentioned last year Numantian Games’ zombie horde RTS They Are Billions, which was released into Early Access last Fall. Ever since, the devs have been constantly updating and tweaking the game. In the latest update, the devs have revealed potentially game-saving structures that, while costing a whack of resources, could give you an edge if you’re in a pinch.

The Six Wonders is a series of six structures that significantly add to your score when you build one (and you can only build one), and each has their own unique stat-boosting capabilities. Do you go for The Academy of Immortals, which boosts all of your army units and new trained units to veteran status, or do you build The Victorious, a bunker that’s practically indestructible, and boosts gold generation for the surrounding dwellings by +20%?

As mentioned, the game is still in Early Access, with more features to be added in the future (such as a campaign mode coming this summer).


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