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‘Rage 2’ Teaser Leaked!



UPDATE: Bethesda has officially released the trailer, and confirms that a gameplay trailer will be released May 15th, aka tomorrow!

To the surprise of no one, Rage 2 is in development. Though this will be updated later, Bethesda hasn’t officially released the trailer for the follow-up to 2011’s Rage. However, Twitter user Wario64 managed to snag a gif of the trailer, as well as get a YouTube link (that’s been subsequently taken down due to copyright). There is the Dailymotion version below, but who knows how long that will stay up?

The teaser seems to be going for a Mad Max look mixed with Borderlands, although post-apocalyptic Australia never looked this bright and colourful. Or had Andrew WK playing over it. Obviously, this doesn’t have gameplay footage attached to it, so who knows what we’ll be getting at E3 (or at this year’s QuakeCon).

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