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‘The Piano’ Release Date Bumped to June



Those looking forward to playing Mistaken Visions’ upcoming psychological horror game The Piano will unfortunately have to wait a little while longer.

Originally scheduled for release May 24th, the devs have had to bump the release to June 4th, due to a “last-minute technical problem that stubbornly refused to back down”. Luckily, the problem has been fixed, but it left the team with a reduced testing window for release. So, rather that run the risk of releasing a broken game (which sadly does happen these days), the team bit the bullet and pushed the release.

The team elaborated on their decision on the game’s Steam page:

“We know this isn’t the first time we’ve delayed ‘The Piano’. And we know it’s dreadfully last-minute. But having worked on the game for five years, we know we would always regret rushing out a sub-par product. You deserve better, and frankly, we should demand better of ourselves. So that’s what we’re doing. We hope you understand, and that you’re looking forward to playing ‘The Piano’ at the start of next month.”

It’s honestly a gutsy move, and isn’t an easy one to make, since time is money in the industry. But sometimes, those delays are absolutely necessary to make sure the best quality product is available from the start, instead of a half-baked game that requires a patch almost immediately. The Piano will play to the tune of $9.99 on June 4th.


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