Pascal Pictures Resurrects Prehistoric 'Genus' - Bloody Disgusting
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Pascal Pictures Resurrects Prehistoric ‘Genus’



If Encino Man were a dark sci-fi thriller it would be Genus, a new project from Pascal Pictures.

Penned by Kat Wood, Genus is described as a thriller about a scientist who accidentally brings back a prehistoric form of human species. Deadline adds that it’s set in modern day and has a strong female lead.

Wood is a former Earth scientist and journalist for the BBC, who is from the UK. Since starting a career as a screenwriter, she has been named as one of the UK’s rising stars. She is one of several up and coming women who write, direct and produce.

Pascal has been steadily building up her feature film and television development slate with such projects as Beneath a Scarlet SkyMercury 13, the aforementioned Envoy as well as Barbie and the comic-based Silver & Black.


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