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Unrated Version of ‘Agony’ to be Released on Steam!



In case you missed last week’s announcement, Steam will now sell any game on their store, regardless of rating (save for “things that [Steam] decide are illegal, or straight up trolling.” While this might not affect horror gamers that much at first glance, it does bring into question of Adult-rated games.

Like what Agony initially was rated.

With that announcement, Madmind Studio followed up with an announcement of their own: As a result of Steam’s policy change, Madmind will now be publishing an unrated version of Agony called Agony Unrated. That’s right, all of the content that was axed to secure the Mature rating will be added back into this version of the game (totally separate from the original). In addition, Agony Unrated will feature “additional content and changes suggested by you”.

Agony Unrated will be available three months from now, and for those who have bought the original version of Agony, don’t worry. Madmind is currently working with Steam to get the game “to as many people as possible”, with the goal that those who have already bought the game will be able to snag Agony Unrated “with the biggest discount possible on that platform – 99% – or release it as a free DLC.”

And yes, Madmind did take the opportunity to apologize for all of the technical problems that were there when the game launched. “The whole team is working on patches and fixes for the game and we are planning to be releasing them until the most of you (if not everyone!) in our beloved community is satisfied with our game.”


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