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[E3 2018] ‘GTFO’ Puts You Through Hell



We’ve been waiting on more than just screenshots for 10 Chambers Collective’s team-based horror shooter GTFO, and E3 has delivered.

For those that need a refresher (and in all honesty, we all do, since the game was announced last year), GTFO has you teaming up with up to three other players exploring dimly lit underground facilities, completing objectives while gunning down enemies that pop up randomly each time you play. In fact, the game takes unpredictability to new levels each time you play, not just with enemy placements, but also where ammo caches are placed, and even which doors you can/can’t use.

Unlike other team-based games, you don’t have any classes in GTFO. Instead, before a mission, you’ll pick a loadout consisting of primary, secondary, and melee weapons, with one special item. The special item can be something like a mapping device, sentry gun, or trip mines.

And whereas other games will have you finding keys to open doors, GFTO ups the tension by having you actually type in the command in a console to unlock the door. Now picture doing that while you and your friends are having to fend off a swarm of monsters.

This sounds like Left 4 Dead turned up to eleven, which is definitely not a bad thing. The team is targeting a 2018 release. Here’s hoping for more info (and video) as the game progresses.

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