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‘OMDO’ is ‘Doom’ With a Magic Eye Book



We all know about Brutal Doom, the amazing mod that’s breathed a whole new experience into classic Doom. But have you tried your hand at OMDO? Or more accurately, have you ever used one of those Magic Eye books?

Yep, someone has taken classic Doom, put the entire shareware episode through a random dot autostereogram (aka a Magic Eye filter thingie), and the result is quite literally something you’ve never played before. Really, this is all just one of those goofy mods that takes the whole “can you do ‘x’ with ‘y’?” phrase and runs with it.

As mentioned, the entire shareware episode of Doom (which is Knee Deep In The Dead) has this effect applied to it, so either you cross your eyes or relax them to the point that you’ll be able to see what you’re playing. It also helps to have memorized the maps. It can also be difficult to play for long periods, so don’t go crazy.

To find out more about this mod, head to its homepage.

Yes, this is an actual screenshot.

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