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[R.I.P.] Science Fiction Master Harlan Ellison Has Died



“For a brief time I was here, and for a brief time, I mattered.”

The wife of famed speculative fiction writer Harlan Ellison, Susan Ellison, sadly just broke the news that the author passed away in his sleep today, at the age of 84.

Born May 27, 1934, Harlan Ellison’s contributions to the science fiction genre were numerous, penning countless novellas, short stories, screenplays and comic books. Notably, Ellison wrote the “Star Trek” episode ‘City on the Edge of Forever,’ as well as “The Outer Limits” episodes ‘Soldier’ and ‘Demon with a Glass Hand.’ The “Tales from the Darkside” episode ‘Djinn, No Chaser’ was based on a short story he wrote, as were ’80s “Twilight Zone” episodes such as ‘Shatterday’ and ‘One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty.’

He was a creative consultant on many more “Twilight Zone” episodes in the ’80s.

Ellison also wrote the short story I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, which became the same-named video game in 1995. Ellison contributed to the game as a writer.

Notable short story collections and novellas published by Ellison over the years include ‘A Boy and His Dog,’ ‘No Doors, No Windows,’ ‘Strange Wine’ and ‘Stalking the Nightmare.’

Stephen King tweeted tonight, “Harlan Ellison: There was no one quite like him in American letters, and never will be. Angry, funny, eloquent, hugely talented. If there’s an afterlife, Harlan is already kicking ass and taking down names.”

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