A Mysterious, Nine Foot Long Black Sarcophagus Was Unearthed in Egypt and Let's Please Not Open It - Bloody Disgusting
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A Mysterious, Nine Foot Long Black Sarcophagus Was Unearthed in Egypt and Let’s Please Not Open It



Where you at, Tom Cruise?

As reported by Science Alert, an interesting find in Alexandria, Egypt has gone viral in the past 24 hours, as a 9-foot tall black sarcophagus has been exhumed from deep beneath the surface during an archaeological dig. And literally nobody knows what or who is inside.

The site notes, “At 185 cm (72.8 inches) tall, 265 cm (104.3 inches) long, and 165 cm (65 inches) wide, it’s the biggest [sarcophagus] ever found in AlexandriaOh, and then there’s the large alabaster head discovered in the same underground tomb. Experts are assuming it represents whoever is buried in the sarcophagus, though that’s yet to be confirmed.”

According to an expert on creepy things of this nature, the black coffin has not been opened since it was originally sealed over 2,000 years ago. As Science Alert points out, this is extraordinarily uncommon when talking about Egyptian tombs, as “archaeologists rarely find a final resting place that’s still intact like this one appears to be.”

The site as a whole dates back to the Ptolemaic period between 305 BCE and 30 BCE, with this particular find uncovered five metres (16.4 feet) below the ground.”

For now, the mysterious, Twitter-trending sarcophagus is under guard. We can only assume that it will soon be opened, hopefully not unleashing a plague of death upon the Earth.

Actually ya know what, forget Tom Cruise. Somebody call Brendan Fraser.

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