Archaeologists in Egypt Finally Opened That Black Sarcophagus and Found Three Skeletons - Bloody Disgusting
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Archaeologists in Egypt Finally Opened That Black Sarcophagus and Found Three Skeletons



We’ve been following the developing story of a mysterious, massive black sarcophagus from the Ptolemaic period that was found in Alexandria, Egypt a couple weeks ago, which had not been disturbed since it was originally sealed and buried over 2,000 years ago. Notably, it was the largest sarcophagus ever found in Egypt, measuring 9-feet long and weighing over 30 tons.

This week, the sarcophagus was carefully opened, and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has revealed what was found inside. Long story short, three skeletons. And a whole lot of sewage.

They detail…

Dr. Mostafa Ministers, Secretary-General of the high council of Antiquities, directed at the head of a scientific archaeological commission to the city of Alexandria to open the sarcophagus, which was detected in sidi jaber district: “My Minister has opened the coffin, showing that it was filled with sewage, which was leaked through the grove in this area, plus three skeletons.”

Shaaban Abdul, specializing in the study of mummies and skeletons, confirmed that the initial preview of bone structures suggests that they are most likely to belong to three officers or military soldiers, where one of the skeletons found [had] a blow [from an] arrow.

He added, “I would like to say that these structures discovered inside the coffin will be transferred to the museum of Alexandria’s National Restoration Museum and study to learn more about skeletons, cause of death and historical era.”

The coffin will be lifted after its initial restoration and transferred to Mustafa’s entire warehouse in cooperation with the north military (engineering body).

And that’s the end of this one. A quiet, unexciting final act to a story that many feared would end in, well, the end of the world. It seems we’ve all been watching too many movies, eh?

You’re off the hook this time, Brendan Fraser.

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