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Revenge Comes With a Price In ‘Quicksand,’ Starring David Tennant and Emily Watson



David Tennant (“Jessica Jones”) and Emily Watson (Red Dragon) have been set to star in Quicksand, a thriller that will mark the feature directorial debut of “Humans” and “Troy: Fall of a City” TV director Mark Brozel, says Deadline.

Sounding a bit “Twilight Zone”-ish, the film centers on British couple Dan (Tennant) and Sarah (Watson) who are living out their dream in the Mediterranean. But their paradise comes to an abrupt end when their visiting son is murdered by a local youth. Dan, grief-stricken, is offered a chance at revenge by a dangerous stranger who won’t take no for an answer, but the price of revenge is one more murder.

Steve Lewis & Tony Owen wrote the script for Quicksand. Rough Sea Productions’ Mark Lavender and Osiko Films’ Joel Scott-Halkes are producing the pic, and Tannaz Anisi and Greg Schenz are executive producing for sales and finance outfit 13 Films, which is launching sales at the upcoming American Film Market. Peter Garde is also exec producing in cooperation with Indigo View.

The project is scheduled to begin shooting in April on Crete.

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