'Hitman 2' Live-Action Launch Trailer Brings Sean Bean and Agent 47's Tools of the Trade - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Hitman 2’ Live-Action Launch Trailer Brings Sean Bean and Agent 47’s Tools of the Trade



With the release of Hitman 2 just over a week away, IO Interactive and Warner Bros have released its launch trailer featuring the game’s first Elusive Target The Undying, played by Sean Bean, in some live-action footage.

In the trailer, Bean muses over Agent 47’s tools of the trade as gameplay footage of them in use is interlaced.

Bean is the latest celebrity target after Gary Busey and the Home Alone robbers had cameos in 2016’s Hitman. Elusive Targets are one-shot assassinations that only appear for a limited time. If you fail them, you cannot try again. It became one of Hitman’s most popular modes, and it’ll be interesting to see where IO Interactive goes with it for Hitman 2, especially with Warner Bros as publisher this time.


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