Free DLC Update 'The Ghost Survivors' Brings Three New Stories to 'Resident Evil 2' Next Month - Bloody Disgusting
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Free DLC Update ‘The Ghost Survivors’ Brings Three New Stories to ‘Resident Evil 2’ Next Month



I’ll guess everyone who cares has been playing Resident Evil 2 over the weekend (I know I have), perhaps even finishing off their first runs as Leon and Claire, but Capcom is still pursuing your free time like Mr. X pursues rookie cops because it has confirmed its DLC update ‘The Ghost Survivors’ will be added to the game from February 15 and be completely free to boot!

‘The Ghost Survivors’ will give players three new ‘What If?’ stories featuring three new playable characters. As previously confirmed, good ol’ Bob Kendo will be one of the three in the story ‘No Time to Mourn’, and he’ll be joined by a solider (‘Forgotten Soldier’), and the Mayor’s daughter (‘Runaway’).

It’ll be nice to see the Resident Evil 2 story branch out with new perspectives, and it’ll be interesting to see if certain fates are the same this time around.

Resident Evil 2 is out now, and not only is it rather bloody good, but it’s also doing pretty well for itself financially. Truly the franchise is back to its best.


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