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Think You Know ‘Aladin’? Think Again With This Intense 5 Page Preview Of Radical’s Gothic Reimagining!



Forget about Disney and that whole flying magical carpet thing, forget the fairy tales you heard as a kid, because this looks badass! Last month Radical Publishing released the first issue of their dark retelling of the “ALADIN” story that adds some serious balls to the story, and later this month Ian Edginton and the guys look to keep the momentum going with the second installment of the 3 part mini. Read on to get a special preview of the issue now and see for yourself why everyone is calling this the next “PRINCE OF PERSIA”.

WRITTEN BY: Ian Edginton
COVER ART BY: Arthur Suydam
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Patrick Reilly & Stjepan Sejic

“From the mystical city of Shambhalla to the ends of the Earth comes a tale of magic, mystery and the motivations of power. It is the world of Ala ad-Din, better known as ALADDIN.

Thief, gambler, liar and cheat, Aladdin’s reckless soul falls under the eye of the sorcerer Qassim, who has spent his life scouring the sands for the Dreaming Jewel. This lost relic of shattering power will enable Qassim to steal the magic of the Djinn of the Lamp and reshape the world in his own malicious design. But to do so, he requires a mystical ability carried within Aladdin’s blood…power that not even Aladdin himself knows about. An epic adventure that twists the classic saga into dark, unexplored territories with multi-Eisner nominated writer Ian Edginton!”

“ALADIN: LEGACY OF THE LOST” Issue #2 Goes On-Sale This April From Radical Publishing! (MSRP-$4.99)


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