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Graphic Content’s April Spotlight Is On Hardway Studios!


on And Graphic Content Are very excited and proud to announce its all new Publisher Spotlight series! Each month we will be spotlighting a a different company, and partnered together we will be bringing readers exclusive content such as interviews with the creators, artists, and company founders, reviews, contests, previews, and all sorts of bloody good surprises!

So to start off this exciting new endeavor we have teamed up with one of the best Indy publishers in horror right now, Hardway Studios! Hardway has brought readers such titles as “SUICIDE NOTE”, “MORBID MYTHOS”, and the upcoming zombie apocalypse one-shot “THE SHELTER”! Inside you can find all the details on this month’s spotlight to get yourselves amped up! Read on for the skinny on this new series, a huge look inside of “SUICIDE NOTE” and “THE SHELTER”, and more!

In our attempts to solve world hunger, prevent forest fires, and bring you all the bloodiest news that the horror genre has to offer, we here at Graphic Content have been brainstorming on ways to bring readers (that’s you) even more awesome content. It is a tough thing to do, and often times it takes about half a pack of cigarettes and 3 cups of coffee, but we are happy to announce the “Graphic Content Spotlight” series.

Each and every month we will be working in partnership with a new publishing company to bring readers all new exclusive content. This will include contests, interviews, previews, reviews, and MORE from each respective publisher. These spotlights will start (obviously) the first of every month and each week we will be revealing another awesome exclusive for our readers. It’s pretty much like Christmas without the trees, the lights, the ornaments, and most importantly the fruit-cake.

This month Bloody-Disgusting’s Graphic Content will be spotlighting up and coming publishing company, Hardway Studios! The publisher is best known for its “SUICIDE NOTE” graphic novel which has garnered much praise among readers and critics alike.

“Hard Way Studios is about creating new and exciting comic books. The studio was founded by Chris Carpenter and Dwayne Biddix. They wanted to bring their own, and other great stories to the people. We are always looking for established companies to partner with us to print our books for a wider audience! Our goal to to have Hard Way everywhere we can get it! For us to succeed we need the help and input from the public, so always feel free to drop us a line with praise or to tell us what we are doing wrong. We want to be what you, the reader, wants to have. So let us know what you want to see from us! So go forth and spread the word! We are proud to present a sample of what co-founder, Dwayne Biddix, said about why the studio is named HARD WAY…. “Well, Chris and I have had that kinda life… We have had to fight for everything we have, and we always seen to have to do things the hard way. Even when we broke into the business, we did it the hard way. So it became a way of life for us, and when we started to think about launching a studio, we felt that name would fit us perfectly! We also felt that it would be a sentiment most everyone could identify with to some level, so we named it HARD WAY STUDIOS! And we are very proud of the studio and what it represents.”

So to start off our spotlight here is a preview of “SUICIDE NOTE” which is currently available and then a sneak preview of their upcoming zombie apocalypse title “THE SHELTER” that is available for pre-order.


“Silence. True Silence. The actual absence of sound. It’s one of the strangest things you can ever experience. It’s….un-nerving. No car engines. No humming electricity. No planes flying overhead. No people walking their dogs. No birds chirping. No squirrels…squirrel-ing. A world cast into infinite silence.”

Join us on this Zombie adventure as we get to know Violet, a young lady destine to find a safe haven from the infestation that left her alone, scared and with no where else to turn, dependent upon herself to survive. Can she make it in time or is the end of the world to tight of a deadline?!”


“Cassie receives a strange anonymous suicide note and after reading it she begins a downward slide from a sane and controlled world into a world of twisted nightmarish images, a mysterious man who guides her along the dark path, and a pulling in her mind, to take her life and escape the nightmare. But, if she doesn’t give into to the leading of the note to kill herself she must wonder a shadow world, forever unable to die.”

Stay tuned here to Bloody-Disgusting’s Graphic Content all month long as we bring you interviews with Jamison, Dwayne, Chris, and the entire crew over at Hardway Studios about these titles, and their future stories. Who knows, we might even start giving stuff away.


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