That's A Mighty Big Kraken You Got In That There 'LEGACY OF THE LOST' Issue Three Preview! - Bloody Disgusting
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That’s A Mighty Big Kraken You Got In That There ‘LEGACY OF THE LOST’ Issue Three Preview!



If you like “PRINCE OF PERSIA”, “CLASH OF THE TITANS”, and really big squids then boy do i have a preview for you! Tomorrow marks the last issue in muli-Eisner Award nominated writer Ian Edginton’s gothic re-imagining of the “ALADIN” tale with “LEGACY OF THE LOST” from publisher Radical Entertainment. The last issue boasts some serious action as well as a variant cover from legendary sci-fi and occult artist Luis Royo (“HEAVY METAL”)! Read on for the 9 page preview and all the details!

WRITTEN BY: Ian Edginton
LETTERS BY: Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
COVERS BY: Luis Royo, Clint Langley, Clayton Crain

“The amazing conclusion to multi-Eisner nominated writer Ian Edginton’s retelling of the classic Arabian fable! With Aysa, the Djinn of the Ring, Aladdin seeks help from the Queen of Sheba, sorceress and ex-wife of the evil sorcerer Qassim. As Aladdin learns the secrets of his Aramaspi ancestors and their ability to rewrite the world through the power of the Dreaming Jewel – a vast diamond cleaved with nine million facets – Qassim draws closer and closer to victory and armageddon. It all comes down to this: the battle in the lost kingdom of the Aramaspi between Aysa, the fabled Djinn of the Ring, and her husband Rhaz, the all-powerful Djinn of the Lamp. Can Aladdin and Sinbad brave the secrets and perils of the Aramaspi lineage to rescue Princess Soraya and save the world?

Featuring covers by Luis Royo (Heavy Metal), Clint Langley (Sláine) and a special 1:10 incentive cover from Clayton Crain (X-Force).”

“ALADIN: LEGACY OF THE LOST” Issue #3 Drops Tomorrow From Radical Entertainment! (MSRP-$4.99)


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