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ROCK OUT: Dead Romeo Out This April



The occult and rock music have had a tawdry relationship…between dark prince Jimmy Paige to the attraction of Satan in metal music. DC comics is trying to melt those elements together again in Dead Romeo. Dead Romeo #1 (of 6) is about a lead singer of a rock band that becomes a vampire and gets sent straight to hell. Sounds pretty metal right?!? More info after the break…
DeadRomeo Jonathan Romero, aka “Dead Romeo,” was the lead singer of the ’80s rock band “The Dead Romeos.” But that was before a mysterious set of circumstances turned him into a vampire and sent him straight to Hell. Now he’s back on Earth and he has a difficult choice to make: Kill his true love and earn his permanent release from eternal damnation – or protect her and burn for eternity. Either way, someone is going to die!

It’s vampires, romance, rock and dismemberment like you’ve never seen before! New writer Jesse Blaze Snider joins artist Ryan Benjamin for a bloodsucking good time in this all-new 6-issue miniseries.
32pg – $2.99 US – April 1st


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