Gears of War #7 Out April 22 - Bloody Disgusting
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Gears of War #7 Out April 22



Video game adaptation Monday keeps rolling along with DC comic’s Gears of War #7. The Gears of War comic has been out for a little while now and I kinda shrugged it off as a lame attempt for Cliffy B buying another porsche. Issue seven seems like it’s actually trying to build on the story of the game and actually be entertaining and interesting. Will there still be many panels of chainsawdomy? Probably…More info after the break…
Gears7 Written by Joshua Ortega; Art by Simon Bisley and Henry Flint; Video game cover art
Of all the storylines in the mega-hit Gears of War 2, few resonate like the tragedy of Tai Kaliso. The story of this proud warrior with a gentle heart is finally told in a special issue penciled by legendary comic book superstar Simon Bisley
32 pg – $3.99 – On Sale April 22