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Out This Week: Super Zombies #1 – But Is It Worth It?



Super Zombies, from Dynamite Entertainment is out this week. A quick synopsis of the story is that the world is filled with super-heroes who crave human flesh. Now if this sounds familiar, it sounds a lot like the Marvel Zombies series. I have not read this and I hope to pick this item up on Wednesday, but I wanted to know what everyone else thought. Is this a blatant rip-off to cash in on the marvel zombie hype or is this an homage of Marvel Zombies and trying to improve on a new sub-genre. More info about the comic after the break…
zombies1 In a world filled with super-heroes, one man stands apart, Neuron, once known as Bernard Jaeger, the man responsible for saving the world, most particularly from the KHR SYNDROME. But it was this very plague which began to change the world forever, filling its population of super heroes with a deadly new hunger – a hunger for human flesh.

From DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, writers Marc (Spider-Man) Guggenheim and Vince Gonzales, and artist Mel (Red Sonja) Rubi comes SUPER Zombies #1. Featuring covers by Rubi, and Dynamite exclusive artist Fabiano Neves.

Be sure to check out the preview at Newsarama, featuring Mel Rubi’s character designs for this series:


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