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[Podcasts] Women in Caskets – F.I.N.A.L. Girls Redux



It’s been a wild few weeks and we’re gearing up for some more awesomeness for you all, so instead of your regularly-scheduled podcast, the Women In Caskets invite you to join the formerly Patreon-only special: the F.I.N.A.L. Girls.

Happy Halloween and we’ll be back on our regular night with a brand-new podcast on October 27th!

When Jen and Dawn asked themselves what they wanted to do for Women In Horror month, there was really only one answer: plan a bloodbath.

Join the Women In Caskets as they tell you the unfortunate story of the women of F.I.N.A.L., or the FINAL Girls as they’re commonly known as. Eight* women arrive at a lonely lakeside retreat. One survives. Who will it be?

Jen and Dawn pair up popular final girls in a fictional story & predict who will win out in the end!

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